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  • Gold Coaching Plan

    Price €100.00

    Gold Coaching Plan:

    - On boarding 60 minute video call to review current level, athlete's objectives and initial assessment instructions

    - 30 minute assessment review video call

    - Monthly customized training plan

    - Account on Today´s Plan to view training sessions, instructions, provide training feedback

    - Weekly 30 minutes video call with Coach

    • New

    UTD Scuba Coaching Rec

    Price €99.00

    UTD´s Scuba Coaching Rec program allows divers to train under the guidance of a UTD Coach instructor. The program focuses on the process of becoming a better fitter diver rather than simply of certification. This program provides access to all training materials under the Foundation program. Divers pay a monthly fee to cover unlimited access to the materials and the instructors time and availability. Boat dives, gear rental and gases are excluded from the monthly quote.

  • Rescue Diver

    Price €350.00

    Rescue Diver could be one of the most important classes you ever take. Learn not only to rescue others, but to take care of yourself in the water. The Rescue certification brings diving safety to a whole new level.