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Eclipse BC System

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The Halcyon buoyancy compensator is designed to meet the demands of any diving environment. Carefully tailored shapes support reduced drag, and greater in-water efficiency across our entire line of buoyancy compensator. You can rely upon halcyon quality to support any environment you want to explore. Careful attention to detail, together with a long history as extremely active explorers, have culminated in designs of rugged functionality. All halcyon buoyancy compensators are CE approved.

Unique Wing Design:
- Improved comfort and safety on the surface
- Experience perfect buoyancy and trim
- Choose between 30lbs (14kg) wing lift capacity
- 1000-denier DWR urethane-Coated Nylon outer shell for superior abrasion resistance
- 400-denier nylon inner bladder for puncture resistance without stiffness
- Halcyon inner bladders are RF welded with a lifetime warranty on all seams
- Inflator with 22” (56 cm) LP hose
- Corrugated hose strain relief to reduce stress on the inflation connections
- Heavy duty zipper to allow easy access, if needed, to the inner bladder
- Rapid water drainage via SS grommet holes or mesh

Your personalized backplate:
- Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort
- Choose between stainless steel or aluminum
- Complete secure harness with crotch-strap, designed to fit you perfectly
- Halcyon Storage Pak
- Single-tank adapter (STA) with double cam straps

Customized weighting configurations:
- Steel backplate = 6lbs (2,7 kg) negative buoyancy
- Aluminum backplate = 2lbs (0,9 kg) negative buoyancy
- Optional: ACB integrated weight pockets.
- Holds up to 10lbs (4,5) kg ditch-able weights each
- Optional: 6lbs (2,7 kg) weighted single tank adapter insert
- Optional: trim weight pockets
- Holds up to 5lbs (2,3 kg) weights each


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